Thursday, April 12, 2018

Animated Email Advertisements and Color Theory

We continue our examination of animated emails from top brands by taking a look at Olive Garden's National Breadstick Day advertisement. Olive Garden is a well-known restaurant known for their home-style attitude, their never-ending garlic breadsticks, and their amazing salad dressing. The following email advertisement was for National Breadstick Day, trying to get their newsletter followers to "celebrate breadsticks" at their nearest Olive Garden.

Olive Garden National Breadstick Day Advertisement - Overall Grade: B-


This specific advertisement is alright. The animation itself is choppy, almost looking like stop-motion, which could potentially be in order to add to the homemade feel that the restaurant likes to advertise. The way that the breadsticks are crawling off the plate is definitely a plus, though, because it seems to imply that everyone at the table is taking the breadsticks and that everyone wants some. The composition of the advertisement is very good, though, having the plate of breadsticks in the center as if the reader were looking down at their table, then having their signature salad in the upper lefthand corner and what looks like a soda in the upper right. 

Having the colors of the letters be the light green that they are is both aesthetically pleasing against the dark brown of the table, and is great at connecting the entire piece together as it's the same color as the salad in the upper lefthand corner. The alternating brown color is good as it also connects to the brown wood of the table the plates and whatnot are sitting on, and as a good contrast to the white plate. This is all ignoring the fact that the new logo is made with the same colors, however, and the colors could just be exact color drops from that. The same logic could be applied to those colors being chosen for the logo as well, though. Green is usually associated with nature and freshness, which are good to think of with a restaurant that has a very memorable salad appetizer. Not to mention that it's associated with growth and money, possibly subconsciously telling their customers that they are a very successful company and that they're a good choice to go to. The brown is effective in sharing the ideas that the restaurant is friendly, which is a selling point in most of their advertisements as well.


The message below is very clever. Most, if not all, of Olive Garden's audience, love their signature breadsticks, and the company is capitalizing on that. Through saying that "one breadstick is never enough," Olive Garden is subconsciously telling it's audience that they need to eat multiple breadsticks to feel satisfied, which is good, considering that the restaurant gives unlimited servings. Even the button at the bottom is useful with this, by bringing home the entire advertisement and reminding the audience why it was sent out. By stating "celebrate breadsticks" on the button to the website, they both remind the audience that it's National Breadstick Day, but also make them crave exactly what they're trying to sell.

The grade I've given is derived from the overall placement of the components and the design of the advertisement, but not the animation itself. Even if the point of having the choppy animation was to add to a homemade, stop-motion feel to the advertisement, it seems lazy and uninteresting. The composition and colors were nice, as well as the written message below, which definitely helped boost the grade a bit. Although, no matter the interesting thought development behind it, and the message it may have, this advertisement doesn't make me feel as though I need to go out and get some breadsticks alongside some Olive Garden Italian food, even if it was National Breadstick Day.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Animated Email Advertisements are Instinctively Interesting

As people who frequent pizza delivery services may have heard, “No One Out-Pizzas the Hut.” Pizza Hut is a well-established company with over 11,000 stores across the world, with thousands of people subscribed to their emailing services to gain coupons and the newest, freshest information about the company. With so many people to reach out with simply email, Pizza Hut stepped up their game in October of 2016 with an animated Halloween email promotion.

Pizza Hut Halloween Advertisement - Overall Grade: B+


This advertisement is simple, yet effective, especially for parents wanting to host Halloween parties or events. It grabs attention immediately by being extremely dark, contrasting a usually red and white color scheme that Pizza Hut uses almost universally as with their branding. The black is also a considerate contrast to the Halloween orange that is usually used in branding in October. Once the audience is looking, either the bright red text at the bottom will have them reading, or the scary animated red eyes that seem to pop out of nowhere will have them looking at the ad for longer than if it were simply a still image. The animated leaves that move across the image from right to left also keep the audience interested, and if they’ve finished reading the text, brings their eyes back to not only the image of the door but also the beginning of the text. A good addition this advertisement would be perhaps having the door open slightly, or maybe having it slamming shut after the eyes look around, maybe adding creaking noises or a growl of some sort. I gave this animated advertisement a B+ for its creativity in design for a Halloween advertisement, and the quality of the animation that they’ve included. The best way to improve, in my opinion, would be to add extra movement to keep the reader’s focus for longer, or to keep it memorable.  


The effectiveness of this advertisement would be lacking if it were just a still image instead of an animation because some would simply look and move on, perhaps not even reading the text on it. However, with the small moving details, the brain gets distracted and will look to see what information it’s missing that’s causing the movement to happen.

The benefits of having animation in email marketing are more than just eye-candy, it’s psychology, and while I won’t go into too much detail here, it’s similar to what I just stated. Our brains instinctively see motion in order to protect ourselves, so when there is a static image, our brains will more likely ignore it in favor of one that’s moving.

This opens up a world of opportunity with our advances in technology, especially for the best marketing advancements. While some are content with static billboard images, innovators are creating interesting animated email advertisements. As these types of animated email ads are produced and become more mainstream, the importance then turns to not only if an advertisement is eye-catching, but also if it’s pleasant to look at, if it keeps the reader’s attention, and if it evokes the correct response out of who the company is trying to reach. With all of these attributes in mind, creative marketing strategies such as making interesting animated email advertisements such as the Pizza Hut one above are not only effective because they might look cool, but they have a psychological reason to do so. It is only through tactics such as these that the companies willing to keep up with the ever-changing field of marketing will be able to flourish.     


Sunday, May 14, 2017

Animated Email Marketing Messages

We take time each week to examine new animated email marketing messages from the top brands. We give our two cents about some and on a soapbox about others. Each email message has a measure of creative content that attempts to make our email inbox come alive.  Just beyond the email subject line, marketers capture the readers' attention in micro-moments with cleverly designed animations.

Some of the best marketing consultants in the world are using email animation to keep readers engaged and inspire consumers to take action – just long enough to sink memorable impressions about the brand.  We add new animated email samples each from the leading brands.

At Oevae, we know that producing standout creative email animations and brand messages require the marketing and design team to leap over hurdles and crank through headaches when time is slim, so it was fun to choose our favorite from these animated email marketing messages.  Each brand has a different message and one just didn't make a lasting impression for our group of marketers.  Our favorite: Bust Buy “Rock Your Resolutions” Sparkler's that twinkle delicately and naturally bringing home the fun days of childhood.  Take a look at the other email promotions:  Best Buy, Dominos, PetSmart, Redbox, Papa Johns, Pizza Hut #Hutlovers, Obama Organizing for Action, MOO, and more to come.  Perhaps our growing list of email marketing messages will inspire you.

NOTE: If image is not animated open .gif image in a new tab/window to see animation in email messages

  Google “Local Guides” | Animated Mobile Phone   is made up of 165 frames that make this small promo really pop.  The graphics show you exactly what you can do with as a Local Guide and doesn't take a lot of time doing so.  Our marketing team suggested that the "Start Contributing" button should be above the fold to increase conversions.  The colors are well-balanced.  The use of orange could not be any better – energy associated with red and the happiness associated with yellow.  Overall the grade was a B+ for this animated email promo.

  Vimeo “Meet Vimeo Business” | Animated Video Marketing Tools   The Vimeo Newsletter had nice icons for the different business solutions, but really doesn't express "video" in any manner.  Our creative team suggested that alternating background colors could have been more aligned with the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers #SMPTE color bars – a television test pattern used where the National Television System Committee #NTSC video standard is utilized – often seen at The End of a television stations' broadcasting day.  Overall grade for the animation is a D.

  GoDaddy “World Gratitude Day!” | Animated Gift   Simple, smooth animation with call to action (Shop Now) button at top center.  The use of the strongest color (yellow), psychologically – could lift spirits and self-esteem.  The use of a soothing color (blue) add trust and peace to the animation.  Overall we thought this animation was self-explanatory and received a C+ for speed.

  Rhapsody “Give the Gift of Music” | Animated Mother's Day Heart   The small red heart is bouncing around the image like the 1972 Pong game – a two-dimensional sports game that simulates table tennis.  Atari engineer Allan Alcorn designed and built Pong as a training exercise.  We could not make the connection between Pong and Mother's Day and Music, so please comment if you have a clue?  Perhaps we're supposed to ask mom?  Our marketing guru's commented that using such a tiny heart fails to express a great deal of love for mom.  Therefore, this email animation received a D- from a creative standpoint.

  Overnight Prints “Want to Get Lucky?” | Animated Pot of Gold   Great idea that our marketing team felt lacked oomph.  The gold coins in the iron pot could use more sparkle and the rainbow and the four leaf clovers are barely visible.  Overall, the members of graphics team said this was designed by someone tardy for the party.

  General Assembly “Where Will You Land?” | Animated Spin Wheel   Simple and very catchy promotion for those who want to learn how to code HTML, CSS & Web Design Circut.  After a while, our marketing team thought this cute and probably a very quick idea that could be changed on the fly to stop on specific topics related to the different email campaigns.  We also suggest the use of the company "General Assembly" or "GA" to be more prominent throughout the email.

  Best Buy “Rock Your Resolutions” | Animated Sparklers Email Promotion    If this isn’t the yacht club or cool kids all grown up, we missed the message.  Best Buy wants to “help make it fun to keep your New Year’s resolutions.”  Twinkling sparklers light up the mood with a childhood favorite and bottle service must.

Best Buy "Rock Your Resolutions" | Animated Sparklers Email Promotion

  Obama “Organizing for Action” | Animated Shot Clock Count Down  instantly deals the reader a sense of urgency with big bold red numbers and sporty shot clock countdown.  The caption reads, “The clock is winding down.”  Normal Obama logo brand colors are replaced with solid black images.  The animated graphics end with a "sad face" when the clock stops.  The overall tone is simple and directly in your face.  You have a decision to make.  15 seconds can save you up to 10% at GEICO, but this promotion asks you to chip in now and not wait until the last second.

Obama “Organizing for Action” | Animated Shot Clock Count Down
– Refresh web browser to see count down animation – 

   MOO “Happy Holidays” | Animated Snowflakes   turns up the drama with the upside down pineapple.  Who would imagine that the top of the pineapple would frost the tips during the winter holidays?  MOO did.  They ask the reader to look at two extremes and make friends with new worlds and possibilities using familiar images.  The first stop, MOO “Hopes yours is full of the unexpected delights!”  In retrospect, one from our group remembered his mother always cooking Pineapple Upside Down cake during the holiday season.  The tone is very simple and charming.

MOO “Happy Holidays” | Animated Snowflakes

 Redbox | Minions, King Bob,  Animated Mic Drop   funny in the theater as well as the email.  This clever design will draw the viewer into the email content for a longer period of time (more micro-moments).  The animation appears to be video but it's an animated .gif file format that is low in file size, which is paramount when it comes to email and saving precious loading time.

Redbox | Minions, King Bob, Animated Mic Drop

  Papa John's | Papa John, Pizza Maker, Founder Animated Signature   looks pretty snappy when you first open your email.  A nice quick and easy way to personalize the Papa John's brand with a very organic "natural ingredient" at the essence of the overall tone.

Papa John's | Papa John, Pizza Maker, Founder Animated Signature

 Dominos | DXP Delivery Vehicle Built-in Warming Oven   way to go Dominos. and I can’t believe I can go for a ride in the DXP, Dominos new wheels.  Very simple animated warming oven door opens and closes in what could be an infinite loop as the count superseded our willingness to count past 10 as we all had other email to read and no time to kill counting.  It would have been nice to see a bird fly to bring it home.  Overall the email maid the point - Dominos appears to be ahead of the curve.  

  Petsmart | Ever had deja Groundhog Day | Happy Groundhog day again Coupon is simple, cute, quick an to the point.  Timing would have to be right for this one.  The little groundhog bats its eyes while the clouds drift in the light blue sky.  If you want $5 off a $10 purchase - get coupon.  We thought 50% off would cause a larger head-jerk and more favorable than asking the reader to do the math.  Overall the animated email promotion was a win.

Organizing for Action - Barack Obama | Marriage Equality #LoveisLove folding heart   seems to be fitting for a noble budget.  The small red heart opens like a note passed in class and go figure, it has its own hashtag #loveislove in natural Sharpie handwriting across the center.  The email promotion asks the reader to “Chip in” (contribute would be old money talk - Obama is new money like PayPal) and “Help fund the fight against discrimination.”

  HOW Design Magazine | Double Loop Roller Coaster  has spunk, even though it's really tiny.  It takes 5 trips around the double-loop coaster. The coaster actually hops off the track and it's so funny - this is a Coster with attitude.  Would have liked to see this is full color.  There are 6 Flags waving in the wind which makes the whole experience fun and worth watching or sharing.  No doubt the creators know how to get your attention. 

  Pizza Hut #HUTLOVERS | Animated Fireworks   and count down to more pizza was our least favorite.  We thought that Pizza Hut missed the mark.  Steam could have been rising from a warm soft crust while slices started to vanish.  The hungry consumer counts down the number of pizza slices by the number of people who return to the box for more.  The overall tone is elementary in design and a bit on the annoying side for most in our group.  We all agreed that if it's cheap pizza the reader is wanting, Pizza Hut dropped the mic!

Pizza Hut #HUTLOVERS | Animated Fireworks

  Condé Nast | All Magazines Flash Sale Animated Email  is subtle and classy.  We thought the animation could be a bit smoother; the image size is larger so they may have wanted to keep the file size low to keep image loading time to a minimum.  One difference with this email is the entire email is an image – no text links.

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

Content Creators Consider Great Content Controversial

By the nature of creating content, it takes much longer to create content than it does to consume it.  So if we assume that only humans can create content that is going to be valuable, then there will never be enough humans to create enough content that not even one person will consume it.

Source: Are We In A Content War? 

Content. Content. Content.  
Without content we have nothing to share, argue, or boast about.  Content marketing has many goals – mainstream media has mastered how to move consumers from one isle to the next looking for the products that move them emotionally.

Think about the last time you were on the shampoo isle... your eyes moving up and down, left and right, in search of that "one" word or special phrase and sexy shaped packaging that has you thinking... "this one will transform my hair and even make my hairstyles look better, even though I have nappy hair."

Creating Great Marketing Content
To move consumers, you must be moving.  This requires motivation, purpose, and passion.  There are 3 tasks your marketing content must do to be valuable:
  1. Create a question. 
  2. Provide an option.
  3. Deliver with impact.
We all know that "mainsteam media" is really a reflection of prevailing waves of thought, influence, or activity. But, choosing the right words (ammunition) to be compelling is where the action begins.  Your content can be shocking like the power of the Shamwow towels that hold 12 times their weight in liquid and will not scratch surfaces. Or, perhaps something that "satisfies" like a Snickers candy bar which has the power to take you from a sour puss to a super hero in just one bite.

In any event you want to win, it's often very important that you have a good plan, proven ability, and lots of training.  It's true when NFL superstar, Tom Brady says "You are the sum of your training." In the Under Armour commercial.  If you enter a battle with poor artillery, weak soldiers, and a sketch rather than a plan, chances are that you will fail.  The same is true when entering the content war. 

Why fight a losing battle with your fingers crossed? 
You have great content creators just beyond a few keystrokes of your computer keyboard.  You would be out of your mind to race at NASCAR with only a few late night road rage rendezvous, no sponsors, and a factory built automobile – a big waste of time, energy, and money.  

Contact the professional content marketing creators to gain exposure for your local business or national communications campaign to win your battle with great content marketing.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Using Technical Writing to Communicate

Technical writing is one of the most underrated skills in business communications.  

Aimed at conveying highly technical and complex information into an easy-to-read, understandable format for the most basic of readers, the technique is reliable when it comes to creating user manuals, company procedures, brochures, web content, etc.

Demand for technical writers is expected to go up in areas such as law, medicine and economics.  But, one thing is for certain.  As rapid growth and changes in the high-tech and electronics industries increase, so will the need for employees and customers to be informed, trained and instructed through manuals, guides and other materials.

Types of technical writing documents:
  • User Manuals - Aimed at outlining procedures for performing particular tasks;
  • Training Guides - Documentation that provides employees or customers how to use products or systems;
  • Procedures Manuals - Provides employees "standard operating procedures" for performing routine, everyday tasks;
  • White Papers - Documentation that explains how a system or product operates in a marketplace.
As you grow your business, consider Oevae and Mundial Communications to create usable and lasting documents along with a streamlined online presence to showcase your product or system.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Improve Visual Communications in Branding

The world as we see it is forever evolving with new discoveries in nearly every form of creation and communication.  One of the oldest forms of communication remains at the forefront of creative branding – images that tell the story.

The company you hire to design your creative communications can make the difference between communicating the right message or giving consumers a valid reason to go elsewhere with their disposable income.

Oevae was asked to join the discussion about visual communication / photography trends in an upcoming webinar by Getty Images, the American stock photo agency, based in Seattle, Washington. It is a supplier of stock images for business and consumers with millions of still images in their archive.

The Creative In focus is Getty Images' annual predictor of the most impactful visual and cultural trends for the coming year.  It sets the stage for what the world will look like tomorrow, based upon the research and insights our global creative teams are tracking today.

This is an in-depth exploration of the upcoming imagery and aesthetic shifts that will change what we see in brand communications, advertising, and design next year and beyond.

Based on research conducted by Getty Images Creative Research team, the 2015 visual trends briefing will define the key visual insights and trends shaping visual communication. 

The research by Getty images sounds similar to the JWT Meet The New Family which states "The traditional nuclear family—a husband and wife, plus kids—is no longer the norm. Today’s parents may not be married and might well be same-sex; often just one parent heads the household, while more couples are choosing not to become parents (unless we count pets, which are increasingly treated like kids). Among classic nuclear families, the dynamics are shifting as gender roles rapidly evolve."

"Many brands aren’t yet portraying the reality of today’s family or speaking to its changing needs. But a growing number of marketers have broadened their definition of what a family means and incorporated new types of images into their messaging, recognizing and affirming these consumers..."

Oevae will provide more information based on our findings and share this information with our clients (Physicians, Attorneys, Financial Services, Small Businesses, etc.) who depend on visual communications set the tone for brand messaging.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Nuts and Bolts for Extreme Branding

You never know when you'll see it (something eye-catching), but the best marketing consultants in the world are increasing the odds of helping you see more of something.

Even today as I was returning from the gym, then made a u-turn when my eyes would not let go of this very peculiar shape in the hotel parking lot?  As my curiosity grew, I was confronted with two options that needed an immediate response and call-to-action:

1. I could keep focused, then wonder later "what was that nutty-looking thing I saw in the middle of the lot - resembling a lonesome, wooden klomp from the Netherlands?

2. Or I could simply make a quick lane change, bust a uey - right quick. Then head across the road and take a closer look to see who was nuts enough to park an oversized peanut right in the hotel parking lot?

Obviously my second option was the only logical choice.  I'm right here.  It will only take a moment. But of course check, go check it out. When I get there I'm like a Las Vegas card dealer, shuffling with my thumb to locate the icon for my camera app.

You've probably jumped down here
to find out what extreme branding can do for you. 

Pictures of the NutMobile.

The "Nuts" of this post, but not the "Bolts" of Extreme Branding.

There's still something in this post that you don't want to overlook.

A. You do not know that the photographs of the Planter's Nutmobile (huge mobile peanut with lightly salted fiberglass shell) were taken with a Samsung Galaxy S III, but that does not matter too much.

B. You do not know how the "Bolts" of Extreme Branding work, and that really matters.

Extreme Branding takes control of the normal human impulse. It peaks your interest, and gives you reason to learn more.  The "more" means leading more consumers to your business.  Which could mean more money in your bank account and feeling good about your business marketing decisions (bolts).

Hidden in the magnitude you will find a huge peanut parked in the hotel parking lot - made possible with a really smart marketing decisions.

Will I buy more Planter's Peanuts?  Not sure yet, but the huge peanut is "planted" in my mind for while - I'll remember when I get to the store.

I can tell you that many mother's will be hearing their kids talking about Mr. Peanut this Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year.  Or you may want to pick up some Planter's peanuts for 1 of 300+ NFL games, because you may be drinking beer, and kids have been know to throw nuts into the fire place one time.

At Oevae Marketing Consultants, known by Google as "the best marketing consultants in the world" - we take your marketing to a higher level.  We do this by answering some important questions in the mind of the consumer.

We help you answer consumer questions with favorable answers - this helps your brand become more memorable than other brands and possibly favored over the competition.

Our clients choose Oevae marketing to become more attractive to consumers. 

That's it.  Now you know the whole story.  You now have some really nice pictures of the NutMobile, and you have new resources to grow your small business with Oevae.

In the words of Mr. Peanut, Stay NUTTY, and we SHELL CASHEW later

Share NutMobile photos with your Facebook friends.

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