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Small Business Help: Creative Branding with Creative Marketing

Carmine's Pizzeria Google Review Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza, fDallas, TX

Trying to craft marketing content that gets the attention of the people you want to be your customers can leave you scratching your head. You can seek advice from a friend in the marketing business or perhaps ask a close family member who knows someone who works in the marketing department of a Fortune 100 company who might give you some good suggestions. However, there's nothing like having the people on the front lines of marketing nearby to help with your business communications. Not doing so can lead to lost opportunities, miscommunications, and a really tough learning experience.

At Oevae, we solve the problems between "what you are thinking" about content marketing and "what it will take to make those thoughts a reality." Whether getting more customers, looking more like a real business, or simply changing your approach, we can help you find direction and solutions for growing your business by identifying gaps in your marketing, so you can squeeze more potential out of your brand.

Here are a few creative marketing ideas that might help your Brand become more attractive to the people you want to be your customers. You may have thought about it but don't have the tools or people around you to help you make it happen. Sometimes all you need is a little help.

This post will help you with at least three things:

  • Identify missed opportunities to influence potential customers.
  • Find out what consumers are searching for Online
  • Leverage simple technologies that influence prospects

1.  Identify missed opportunities to influence potential customers.

Email Signatures that include your logo help readers quickly differentiate your email from the previous email. Email Signatures give the recipient a lasting impression of whom they are doing business with, making your contact information easy to find whenever the email recipient wants to connect with you, and it serves as a nest for several ways to access information about your company, other than email.

81% of small businesses rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention. 


– Oberlo (Shopify Inc. Multinational E-commerce Company}

Business Cards work harder for you than Near Field Communication (NFC), and here's why. Once you use NFC (holding your phone near the data source to share small payloads of data between, similar to contactless payments popularized by COVID-19) to add a new phone number to your smartphone contacts, it's quickly out-of-site and out-of-mind. Meanwhile, a business card is still working for you. The business card gives you another opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and adds to the number of impressions your logo hits the conscious mind of the recipient. The recipient of the business card must find a resting place, sometimes the trash, but sometimes they are stored in a stack on the desk, in a desk drawer, purse or backpack, or maybe in a wallet. 

The best part about using business cards is, every time a person with your business card looks at it, they will remember who or where they received it. The longer it takes someone with your business card to put it out of sight, the longer their exposure to your brand. A similar approach is used by Fortune 100 brands, placing their logo on togo cups and shopping bags because they know the life expectancy of that disposable item will soon resonate with your subconscious mind. For instance, some customers like round business cards because they can double as a beverage coaster.  We've designed other business cards with QR codes to direct prospects for customized experiences.

Google Reviews can dramatically increase the number of times prospects find your company online, especially those with photographs, because they are more personal and relatable, which helps the reader better visualize and understand a reviewer's experience, making it even more valuable and convincing than reviews without photographs. Remember this the next time you ask a customer for a Google Review. It gives potential shoppers a glimpse into the experience you provide. A study by Sterling Sky Inc found that having a photo had a massive impact on how long a review stayed at the top of the reviews list on Google.  In fact, the photograph Pepperoni and Sausage Pizza, from Carmine's Pizzeria in Dallas, TX used at the beginning of this blog post is from a Google Review published in May 2020 and currently has 42,565 views.  That's an average of over 1,100 non-paid views per month (1,182.3) benefiting Carmine's Pizzeria.

2. Find out what consumers are searching for Online


Google Trends is a very effective way to easily see what consumers are on the Internet searching for all around the world, right down to your state, city, demographic, and time of day.  Visualise, discover and compare trending topics and people's search behavior within Google Search, Google News, Google Images, Google Shopping, and YouTube. With this data, you can better craft your promotional headlines, website content and keywords, email marketing Subject lines, text messages, and even the hashtags used in social media posts. 

Google Analytics provides countless resources to understand user behavior on your website, where aggregating your most authentic content should be. Two of the most valuable aspects are your ability to improve search engine optimization, groom content, find your target audience, and reinforce positive beliefs about your brand. With a comprehensive understanding of how your people engage with your website in real-time and business, you can deliver better experiences that help you grow your customer base organically.

"Authenticity means being open to stories that normalize the experience customers have with a brand, which is sometimes critical. Create a personal connection and tailor the customer experience. Personalization can go a long way toward building trust." 

– Forbes Business Development Council

 3. Leverage simple technologies that influence prospects

URL shorteners with branding capabilities allow you to share branded links as part of automated workflows – with the name of your choosing, you can take total control of your content, and your audience will know they can trust recognizable links. "With trust comes action. Businesses that share custom links see a boost in click-throughs," says Bitly URL Shortener. Every click, tap, and a swipe of your shortened links arms you with the information you need to share more of the content your audience is most excited about – track engagement metrics on your links' organic shares.

Quick Respons codes (QR codes) have been used for over two decades. If you have not found a way to use them, your competitors probably will or have already done so. The QR code is a simple way to leverage technology that redirects prospects from the scan of their mobile device to specific content that continues the message driven by your marketing campaign with quick and convenient access. Consumers scan QR codes and use them as a shopping tool from their mobile phones to navigate product offers. 

A study found that the usefulness, feasibility, and acceptability of QR codes are stimuli, which will influence the perceived flow (considered as an organism) of customers positively and affect purchase intention and customer satisfaction in the online shopping context (response). A POS displays with a QR code can be an easy way to get customers to share their experience in a Google review.

Wallpapers (not your great-grandmother's wallpaper from the 1920s) are photographs or videos used as a desktop on your PC, tablet, smartphone, or Chrome browser. The average American spends 7 hours and 4 minutes looking at a screen each day and 2 hours in front of a PC. When a person has your wallpaper on their smartphone or office computer, chances are that your image will catch the eye of their friends and colleagues as well, increasing the coverage. 

Whichever wallpaper image you choose must reflect the mission, values, and brand goals. A beautiful image can boost your spirits and create positive associations with your brand. It’s a great way to cultivate a strong emotional bond with your audience.  

If all else fails, and you still need a little help, get Small Business Therapy – a short conversation can do wonders for improving perspectives and bringing clarity to the Internet/marketing terminology, and how to utilize the latest marketing technologies to grow your small business most efficiently. Small Business Therapy is billed at $0.99/per minute (price subject to change without notice) with no minimum. Get the marketing help you need in less time, and at a fraction of the cost. 

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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Your Essential Guide to Expanding Your Business the Right Way


whiteboard guide to expanding business

Growing your business is an exciting prospect, but it requires careful preparation and planning. No matter how large or small the expansion is, there are steps you must take to ensure that you set yourself up for success. We look at some of the most important considerations to keep in mind when expanding your business.

Get LLC Protection

Before you can start expanding your business, you need to make sure that it is legally protected. This means filing the appropriate paperwork and registering your company as an LLC (limited liability company). An LLC offers more protection than other types of business structures because you won’t be held personally liable for any debts and liabilities incurred by the company. It also allows you to avoid double taxation. Make sure to speak with a lawyer who has experience dealing with LLCs to ensure that everything is done correctly.

Shore Up on Expansion Funds

The next step is to find the funds you need for the expansion. This may involve taking out a loan, acquiring a line of credit, or looking into investor opportunities where applicable. Keep in mind that it may take time to secure funds from investors, so it’s best not to count on this option until you have confirmation from them.


Another key element of business growth involves introducing new products or services into your existing lineup. Think carefully about which items could benefit from being added at this stage before deciding which ones should be included in the expansion plans.

Revisit Your Marketing Strategy

Creating a marketing strategy should be on your list as you expand your business. Consider what kind of messages would resonate best with your target audience, what platforms will give you the most visibility, and how much money should you put toward marketing efforts each month. Discuss these questions with an experienced digital marketer to gain clarity on what type of content will work best for promoting your brand online and offline, depending on which channels are available to you at this stage in development. Work with Oevae Marketing Consultants to do it the right way.

Put Cybersecurity Measures in Place

A huge part of business growth these days involves strengthening cybersecurity measures. Data breaches can cause serious damage both financially and to your reputation, if not handled properly. As more employees come on board, the danger multiplies, so be sure your staff understands IT policies regarding passwords, data storage, and end-user device security. You'll want your team members to be familiar with their roles and responsibilities when it comes to keeping data secure. Learn more from Tausight.

Observe Best Practices in Hiring

If your expansion plans involve hiring additional staff members or outsourcing certain tasks, now is the time to start looking for qualified candidates. Look into job boards, staffing agencies, and other resources designed specifically for businesses hiring new employees. Even if you’re just bringing in one person initially, make sure that they are well-suited to their role within the organization so that they can help take some of the workloads off your shoulders.

Choose Office Space for Growth

Look into finding larger office space during this period of growth, as well. You want somewhere spacious enough so that everyone can work comfortably without feeling cramped, but also make sure that it won’t burn through too much of your budget each month. Consider springing for new signages. Metal letters for wall applications show people exactly where you are and are also elegant and timeless representations of your business.

Expanding your business represents an exciting new chapter, but only if done correctly. Make sure legal paperwork is filed correctly, source funding where necessary, hire qualified staff members, create an effective marketing strategy, introduce new products and services, look into larger office spaces, and strengthen cyber security before moving forward. Taking these steps will help ensure success during this period of growth.

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Just Like The Rooms You Design, Your Business Needs A Plan

business plan empty room interior design

Your interior design skills are not based on sheer talent alone. Instead, you map out each room by taking precise measurements, considering the budget, and looking ahead at the possible impact your design will have on the local market. You must put the same care into writing your business plan.


What Is A Business Plan?

A business plan is simply a document that contains information about events and processes you put into motion in the early days of your business. It is an opportunity to map out where you are, where you want to be, and what you have to do to get there.

What’s Included?

There are five key elements in a business plan: an executive summary, description/structure, marketing, management, and finances.

According to the University of Alabama, an executive summary is basically a list of bullet points that highlight what’s included in your report. The description should be a thorough rundown of the type of business you are as well as whatever structure (LLC, Corporation, etc.) you plan to pursue.

The marketing portion of your business plan should contain how you plan to reach your customers. This is where Oevae can step in and help refine your brand.  up is management. Whether you are a team of one or have hundreds of employees, the management part of your business plan should outline these roles. Finally, in the financial section, you’ll need to outline income, cash flow, balance sheets, and more.

The Startup Phase

Your business plan should also include how you plan to get started. Starting this type of business requires work, and you will need to know where you’ll get your startup funds, how much you charge for your services, and where you’ll work. It’s also beneficial to know the demographic you’re targeting as well as the average income of your potential clientele.

Yes, You Really Do Need A Business Plan

While some people fall into a career with little more than luck and talent, if you want to truly grow as an entrepreneur, a business plan is a must. Chase bank explains that your plan will not only prove the viability of your idea, but it will also help you reduce risk and, importantly, secure the trust of potential future investors.

Marketing Matters

Of all the reasons to draft a business plan, marketing may be perhaps the most important. Your business plan will help you determine what you do, and that will have a significant influence on how you sell your services. With the right marketing partner on your side, you won’t have to worry about your message missing the people who want to hear it most. Your marketing and branding strategies will also help you better engage with your customers and showcase the best of your business so that you instill customer loyalty.

There is a huge demand for interior designers across the globe. You might work with homeowners, realtors, or developers looking to make their properties stand out from the rest. But it’s not enough to simply be good at what you do. If you want to start an interior design business, you have to follow the steps, which begin with a business plan. From your executive summary to your marketing strategies, your business plan will be your silent partner throughout your business growth endeavors.

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