Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Improve Visual Communications in Branding

The world as we see it is forever evolving with new discoveries in nearly every form of creation and communication.  One of the oldest forms of communication remains at the forefront of creative branding – images that tell the story.

The company you hire to design your creative communications can make the difference between communicating the right message or giving consumers a valid reason to go elsewhere with their disposable income.

Oevae was asked to join the discussion about visual communication/photography trends in an upcoming webinar by Getty Images, the American stock photo agency, based in Seattle, Washington. It is a supplier of stock images for businesses and consumers with millions of still images in its archive.

The Creative In focus is Getty Images' annual predictor of the most impactful visual and cultural trends for the coming year.  It sets the stage for what the world will look like tomorrow, based upon the research and insights our global creative teams are tracking today.

This is an in-depth exploration of the upcoming imagery and aesthetic shifts that will change what we see in brand communications, advertising, and design next year and beyond.

Based on research conducted by the Getty Images Creative Research team, the 2015 visual trends briefing will define the key visual insights and trends shaping visual communication. 

The research by Getty images sounds similar to the JWT Meet The New Family which states "The traditional nuclear family—a husband and wife, plus kids—is no longer the norm. Today’s parents may not be married and might well be same-sex; often just one parent heads the household, while more couples are choosing not to become parents (unless we count pets, which are increasingly treated like kids). Among classic nuclear families, the dynamics are shifting as gender roles rapidly evolve."

"Many brands aren’t yet portraying the reality of today’s family or speaking to its changing needs. But a growing number of marketers have broadened their definition of what a family means and incorporated new types of images into their messaging, recognizing and affirming these consumers..."

Oevae will provide more information based on our findings and share this information with our clients (Physicians, Attorneys, Financial Services, Small Businesses, etc.) who depend on visual communications to set the tone for brand messaging.

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