Friday, October 1, 2021

How to Attract Entry-Level Employees 
to Your Dallas Small Business

Finding great employees for your small business is hard enough. When you live in a busy metroplex like Dallas, it can be even harder. As wonderful of a place as Dallas is, employees aren’t always eager to deal with the difficult morning and afternoon commutes. So how can you, as a small business owner, attract entry-level employees to your business?  Try using the following advice to help you find the staff you need.  

Improve Your Outreach

If people down the road haven’t heard of your business, you can’t expect workers in nearby cities to be familiar with it. Improving your company’s marketing can make it easier to attract both customers and employees. Ensure your company has a website and social media presence so potential employees can learn about the business, and consider other ways to increase your marketing. 
One way to boost outreach is through marketing, and Oevae Marketing Consultants can help you determine how to make this work for your business. Additionally, think of ways to enhance your social media or website so that your search for new staff is front and center. You can easily do this yourself by using an online banner creator. The ideal tool offers an array of banner templates, as well as other design assets to punch up your design. 

Know Where to Advertise

Advertising job postings in the right place are essential for reaching your target audience. That means you can’t just stick an ad on Craigslist and call it a day. walks you through the differences between popular online job boards, but there’s no reason to limit yourself to online postings. You can find qualified applicants by attending job fairs and career events, letting nearby university career centers know you’re hiring, and connecting with nonprofits that help people find employment.

Offer Competitive Wages

Dallas has a relatively high cost of living compared to other big Texas cities, so it’s important that your wages match up with the local average in order to be competitive. If you’re not quite sure what to pay, research the average cost of pay for your industry and the job you plan to offer, as well as what similar wages are in the Dallas area. Ideally, you should have a range that’s a comfortable fit for your budget, and that allows you to adjust your offer based on an applicant’s skills and background. 

Provide On-the-Job Training

Not all incentives have to come in the form of cash. You can make your business a more attractive employer by offering benefits that other companies lack. A common complaint from entry-level employees is that companies want experienced workers but aren’t willing to train on the job. While it’s true that internal training does cost money in the form of your own valuable time, it’s a good strategy for recruiting staff even when cash flow is tight. On-the-job training also improves employee retention and reduces mistakes because workers are trained to your company’s specifications.

Permit Flexible Hours

Commuting by public transportation can mean long travel times, especially at peak hours. If an open position doesn’t require a set 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. schedule, consider offering flexible working hours so your employees can avoid transit at rush hour. While not all employers are comfortable letting staff work from home initially, offering remote work as a future option can add to the incentive for entry-level hires. If you are worried about your employees managing their time wisely, you could use time-tracking software. Well-chosen software allows your employees to work from wherever they are, providing them with more job satisfaction, and peace of mind.

Create Opportunities for Growth

Employees are more likely to go out of their way for a company that offers long-term potential. Make it clear to prospective employees what opportunities for growth they’ll find in your company. Depending on your business structure, that could be promoted to a higher position, increased responsibility and pay at the same position, experience in horizontal roles within the company, or opportunities for external professional development.

As the job market fluctuates, it’s getting harder for many businesses to attract and retain quality employees. In order to find the best help for your small business, it’s necessary to stand apart from the competition. By targeting your search and offering the benefits that workers are looking for, you can find the talent your business needs to succeed.

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