Friday, November 12, 2010

Consultant Shares Mojo Behind Website Facelift

The popularity of creating a dot com for your business has evolved to many websites in need of a facelift. The website facelift, like the human facelift (rhytidectomy) is a procedure used to make your website look more appealing by removing old programming and design wrinkles and enhance graphics with or without losing your brand recognition.

The website facelift is the role of your marketing consultant and brand manager or creative director. It's also a good idea to run your plans by the business owner before you start tinkering around with the brands image.

"If you are the business owner, you know how important it is that your businesses image reek with honesty, credibility, value, and intrigue. When you first had your website built, much like the date you were born - everything was beautiful. But as the years have past, much has changed on the outside and the inside - the same can be true for older websites"

The website that brought you new customers just 3 years ago, may be running out of steam as new points of distribution are created and innovative technologies (Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, Digg, orkut, befo, Netlog, Flash, iPhone apps, Android, etc.) become more mainstream - many innovations may not integrate well with your website graphics, programming language, and marketing of your current website. So, how do you get your website's mojo back?

Fig. 1 ( - Before Website Facelift)

Fig. 2 ( - Before Website Facelift)

You might need a website facelift if your website looks like or (Fig. 1 or Fig. 2). These websites were built more than 4 years ago. Though they both have great content, they both are very heavy in the text department. This text is valuable, however the way it is delivered needs to be updated and bring take advantage of some new innovations.

The steps you take can very like the wind, but there is a course of action that leads to a new website you can again be proud to own. There are 3 basic steps that business owner's can take:
  1. Look at your competition; visits websites that "you" would feel confident if they represented your companies brand, mood, and appeal.
  2. Ask the professionals to examine your website; locate a website designer and Internet marketing consultant.
  3. Make a decision; let go of what has stopped working and promote your brand.
Like the human facelife, the website facelift may have a bit of discomfort in the first few weeks as you get use to the new look of your business. Sometimes there are new technologies related to how you manage your email or how your website content is updated, but many new advancements and innovations make owning and operations of your small business more manageable than just 3 years ago.

Fig. 3 ( and combined into 1 Flash website with updated brand)

In Fig. 3, Fig. 4 and Fig. 5, you see the first screenshots from the recent re-launch of and websites after the webiste facelift. In this case, our client took our suggestion to combine 2 older websites into 1 micro website. The website facelift brought a new logo design, new programming language and a rich user experience. Like a new baby, there will be growth and enhancements in the months and years to come, but now the client has a website (business storefront) that "reeks with honesty, credibility, value, and intrigue..." – now the website is more marketable and stands out among the competition. So when the opportunity exists, the first impression appeals to visitors.

Fig. 4 (After Website Facelift with Flash animation and enhanced layout to increase visitor experience)

Fig. 5 (After Website Facelift with advanced navigation and Flash animation to free user ability browse website)

Small business owners can benefit buy using advance experience software like Adobe Flash for websites. Although Flash has not made it to the tiny screen (mobile) just yet, Google has made it clear that significant strides in the ability of Google's search engines to index Flash content. This makes Flash an even brighter solution for your website design than anytime in dot com history because Google and Adobe have a growing relationship.

Get your website mojo back with a website facelift by Oevae Marketing Consultants, "the best marketing consultants in the world" – ask Google.

Make a brand difference.

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Express Yourself - Boost your brand over leading brands

To boost your brand over a leading brand is no easy task, but it is possible. And, unless you are drenched in connections, you really haven't a clue what move the leading brands are planning to do next. You can look at a companies history and wonder how a Kinko's Copy turned into FedEx Office (with Kinko's Inside sign on the door). You still hear the work "Kinko's" on television because the experience Kinko's offered was very unique, genuine, and provided what you need, whenever you needed it - kinda like having toilet paper in the bathroom - Kinko's was the Shizznit!

Somehow Kinko's lost the way into billions of dollars on an assorted bath of ownerships, partnerships, mergers and whatever else keeps the CFO smiling. That said, to have a successful brand (growing, evolving, loved) you should really stop depending on the leading brands to shape your road to success. This is especially true for the small business owner because you will not have the capital to zig when you see the leading brand zig. Instead you will be in zag and freezing cold in the "What's Hot" department.

"Stop following the leader; start spending your time with pad and pencil. Yes, this is similar to vinyl records, when compared to today's mytouch-blackberry-latte-mocha generation, but the time will allow you to uncover or rediscover your brands the unique qualities."
kinko's gave away kinkoid co-workers inside a ballpoint pen (above) to build brand recognition

I had the unique opportunity to sit in a small round table discussion with the founder of Kinko's, Paul Orfalea. We were there to discuss the reasons behind Kinko's success and what to do next. Mr. Orfalea clearly defined in just a few words, how the Kinko's brand started and where it was going. It's a remarkable story to listen to and ask questions about firsthand like I did. But over the years Kinko's has taken some fascinating moves in technology. You could say Kinko's would zig while others would zag. Other companies like Copymax tried to take a larger slice of Kinko's pie but they couldn't because Kinko's had crossed over to the viral. Even the 1999 movie Office Space mentions Kinko's. Who can compete with this type of branding? It's the same when you ask for a Kleenex, now knowing that you're really using a Puffs.

The name Kinko's name came from the founder's curly (kinky/kinkos) hair, the services arrived from the founder's basic needs as a college student and provided solutions for Paul Orfalea's disabilities (Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Boost (boast) your brands unique qualities and do not mimic those of the leading brands – don't follow the leading brands – it's far easier to be yourself than trying to be something you're not.

Gibron T. Williams, Head Honcho at Oevae Marketing Consultant, the best marketing consultants in the world – ask Google.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Is iPhone or Android better for Mobile Advertising

How Popular is the iPhone Anyway is a great article to read for anyone that uses a mobile phone. Especially if you are into small business marketing and research. Small business owners can use this graphic from to be more informed about global mobile phone use.

iPhone US Smartphone Use

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

9 Ways to get motivated for business?

I recently opened our company mailbox to find direct mail from Get Motivated Seminars of Tampa, FL.

Get Motivated is a business seminar touring the country with an all star cast of speakers - all in person - live; 9 ways to get motivated to do business:
1. Zig Ziglar (How to Motivated)
2. Gen. Colin Powell (Take-Charge Leadership)
3. Laura Bush (Keys to Stability in Uncertain Times)
4. Dr. Robert Schuller (Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do)
5. Rudy Giuliani (The Tenacity to Perservere: How to Make it Through Any Crisis)
6. Terry Bradshaw (How to Lead Your Team to Victory)
7. Steve Forbes (America's Promise: Your Keys to Growth & Opportunity)
8. Emmit Smith (How to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge)
9. Troy Aikman (What it Takes to Be a Winner)

You are sure to be inspired by one or more of the Get Motivated speakers - like a can of mixed nuts, you can grab a handful of knowledge and leave what you don't want.

Keep your eye on the mail if the seminar is coming to a town near you, because this direct mailer allows you to purchase the tickets at the special promotion price of only $1.95 (yep, less than two dollars) which it also says you must call immediately to take advantage of this very limited time offer. You'll want to call or mail order your tickets, becuse if you buy them at the Get Motivated website or $225.00 at the door - How's that motivation - an arm-and-a-leg at the door.
Some of the media quotes...
"...Brainstorming feel-good tour de force." - Wall Street Journal
"...Higher levels of business performance." - The New York Times
There's even a special to take your entire office for under $20.
If you attend the Get Motivated seminar, let me if it motivated you and how?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Best name to use for your business

Best name to use for your business ideas on paper

The name of your business is found in what you do best. Starting a lawn service? So are a bunch of other folks. Who cares? The best name you should use for your business has nothing to do with the other folks doing the same thing as you, that is to say, if you consider them the same as you. 

If this is true you might consider joining the other folks... take your ideas and your goals that way! If you consider that your brand is not like the other folks and you do something that you know people need but you have a twist. Read on. 

The best name you can use for your business can be really easy to find, but just because you like it, the people who read it may not. Take for example the word Oy Vey, /oi ˌvā/ is a Yiddish word used now by actors, celebrities, and most anyone who knows what the word means, and it may in fact be a part of your heritage... you use the word to replace "oh my goodness!" or "Oh no!" in general. You really wouldn't name your company that. Not unless it was the core of what you do best! Oy Vey - the word is the name of my marketing firm because our creative is just that. The word, when said describes what our clients like best about my firm. The clients say that they are overcome with our imagination and creativity... were even sometimes over-the-top and could use a chill pill. All in all the clients either really like our work or say "Oh no."

Oevae Marketing Consultants - which is pronounced like "Oy Vey Marketing Consultants" is a fun name that peeks at imagination, creativity, seriousness, and heritage (everything you want from a solid marketing firm). It is not an offensive name. It means as much as Apple is to iPod. This is the core relationship your business name should mimic in structure. Think of the movie IRON MAN. Why not GOLD MAN?  Gold is what you want to have and it has great value, right? It is if you are starting a Cash For Gold business, but not if you need protection. Then you want iron. Right?  Who would win the fight? IRON MAN or GOLD MAN and which is easier to replace. 
"When I began to talk to folks about Oevae ten years ago, I knew most of my conversations would not belong so, I had to get right to the punch line and make sure it brought them a pinch of joy." – Gibrón Williams
I'm thinking by now you are starting to understand how to name your business. And, if I'm correct, you understand that you understand why you need to think about your clients and how you will communicate how or why your brand is the best choice for them and not that of your competitors.

"Oevae" was a word that described me.  I am the core of my business.  I make the creative. Even my business card has my title as "Head Honcho."  So I call the shots.  Some are great and some are not so great. 

Whenever you need more insight or you want help marketing your business you can send your marketing questions to or please follow me @oevae on Twitter. You could also follow this blog and stop trying to be a Super Hero. I'm here because sometimes all you need is a little help. Gibron T. Williams is the Head Honcho at Oevae Marketing Consultants – Best marketing consultants in the USA - ask Google

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Google developed an algorithm that explores Flash files long ago!

There's been much conversation –clients, New York Times Technology, Bloomberg, Charlie Rose– about Apple's ipad, HTML5, and Flash Websites. If your knowledge of what's been going on behind the monitor and on the Internet... Let me help you read between the lines in a good way. Here it is. A bit of truth showing-off how quickly Google can index websites designed with Adobe Flash... if and when designed and programed by the creative marketing firm Oevae Marketing Consultants, Texas

"This article will show you 2 very simple examples of how keywords are used to index your website with search engines like Google."

-Head Honcho, Oevae Marketing Consultants

Screen Shot #1 (click images to increase aspect ratio)
Here we have a Google search for the works "ka yeung crow collection"
Note the green highlight is the website we are searching for and there it is on the first page of Google.

Screen Shot #2
(click images to increase aspect ratio)
Here we have page that is indexed by Google and the page with the information the client published.
Note the News contains the keywords "ka yeung crow collection"

The destination page or Screen Shot #2 is a page that contains 80% Flash programming and is 100% SEO
friendly. Oevae Marketing Consultants offers you a way to express your products, services, and brand in very special and your way. This proves Flash can be used in artistic ways and still get noticed the Google algorithm that explores Flash websites.

Here are a few questions better answered by the G's at Google at the Official Google Webmasters Central Blog – The best marketing consultants in the world offer you more imagination at the core of creative. Sometimes you just need a little help or let me know your experiences with Flash and Search Engine Optimization.

Gibron T. Williams, Head Honcho at Oevae Marketing Consultants, the best marketing consultants in the world - Ask Google.

Website design by Oevae Marketing Consultants Screen Shot #1 and Screen Shot #2 - tinkerboxstudio - ka yeung studio, Dallas Texas

Saturday, January 23, 2010

What is Demographically Correct Marketing?

Marketing by demographic is an effective way to reach the right audience for your product or service and create a targeted marketing campaign. Demographic marketing will include multiple forms of media like social media (Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Google, etc.), text messaging (SMS), print, Linear TV, and perhaps the highest return on investment when mixed with OTT (Over-the-Top streaming media), CTV (Connected TV), or Radio.

Granular demographic data is paramount

Before we delve into the candy box of ideas, you should first understand and clearly define the specific demographic groups (ethnicity, gender, political beliefs, age, region, morals, etc.) to intend to address and essential for successful marketing efforts, because no message will appeal to everyone.  When you have a clear belief of who is most likely to find your brand appealing, only then should you start tailoring your marketing message, as well as your marketing medium.

Different demographic groups respond to different types of messages

Children, youths, tweens, teens, and seniors will respond differently to a TikTok (short-form video hosting allows users to watch, create, and share 15-second videos shot on cellphones) ad.  Primarily because many seniors do not strive for continuous "stimulation" like a teen which is key to brain development. Not to mention the language, slang, and desires are often completely different.  What the teen considers cool, the senior may see as a distraction.  In fact, a senior may not even access the TikTok app or even have a mobile phone, whereas the latter will have a TikTok t-shirt and the app on their Apple or Android home screen.  

For example, Google Trends shows that the search term "teen" is clearly more popular than "teenager" as a search term in the United States. 

Interest over time on Google Trends for teen, teenager - United States

Interest over time on Google Trends for teen, teenager - United States

Avoiding social and cultural stereotypes, and paying close attention to body language and idiomatic language quirks will help you prevent unwitting insults, missteps, and or mistranslations.

Choose prominent mediums for marketing messages

If you've clearly broken down your demographic and the message you want to distribute, the next step is knowing which media you need to use. I mentioned TikTok earlier, however, it's certainly not the medium of choice for everyone.

"Teens and young adults get most of their information online, so Internet advertising is a smart way to reach them. If you offer a product that appeals to an intellectual audience, you are more likely to reach them by sponsoring public radio than by advertising on a pop music station."

– Devra Gartenstein, AZ Central

Hootsuite reports that Facebook aka Meta has 2.82 billion daily active users, so understanding Facebook demographics is key to creating successful marketing messages.  Obviously, each of those active users is not worth spending your marketing budget most effectively, so it's extremely important that you purchase advertising through the types of media that your target market uses.

Send a clear message about your business with confidence

Using demographics to tailor your marketing messages has the advantage of understanding and appealing to your target customers, however like most things in life, it is not without its limitations. If you sell a product with a potentially broad appeal but limit your marketing message to attract a single demographic, you may alienate other potential customers.

Oevae has 20+ years of offering creative marketing services filled with satisfied clients. That's because Oevae can highlight the unique differences and qualities your brand brings to the market in ways that resonate with consumers' desires. Enhance your brand image, equip your staff, and launch your business with more efficiency and effectiveness.

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