Saturday, September 18, 2010

9 Ways to get motivated for business?

I recently opened our company mailbox to find direct mail from Get Motivated Seminars of Tampa, FL.

Get Motivated is a business seminar touring the country with an all star cast of speakers - all in person - live; 9 ways to get motivated to do business:
1. Zig Ziglar (How to Motivated)
2. Gen. Colin Powell (Take-Charge Leadership)
3. Laura Bush (Keys to Stability in Uncertain Times)
4. Dr. Robert Schuller (Tough Times Never Last But Tough People Do)
5. Rudy Giuliani (The Tenacity to Perservere: How to Make it Through Any Crisis)
6. Terry Bradshaw (How to Lead Your Team to Victory)
7. Steve Forbes (America's Promise: Your Keys to Growth & Opportunity)
8. Emmit Smith (How to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge)
9. Troy Aikman (What it Takes to Be a Winner)

You are sure to be inspired by one or more of the Get Motivated speakers - like a can of mixed nuts, you can grab a handful of knowledge and leave what you don't want.

Keep your eye on the mail if the seminar is coming to a town near you, because this direct mailer allows you to purchase the tickets at the special promotion price of only $1.95 (yep, less than two dollars) which it also says you must call immediately to take advantage of this very limited time offer. You'll want to call or mail order your tickets, becuse if you buy them at the Get Motivated website or $225.00 at the door - How's that motivation - an arm-and-a-leg at the door.
Some of the media quotes...
"...Brainstorming feel-good tour de force." - Wall Street Journal
"...Higher levels of business performance." - The New York Times
There's even a special to take your entire office for under $20.
If you attend the Get Motivated seminar, let me if it motivated you and how?

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