Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Safety-Conscious Home Office for In-Person and Virtual Meetings

Many entrepreneurs need to host in-person and virtual meetings from their home offices. Since the pandemic is still a concern, using safety-conscious design choices is essential. If you want to know how to update your space correctly, here’s what you need to know.

Must-Follow Safety Best Practices for Client Meetings

If you’re hosting in-person client meetings, embracing safety-conscious best practices is a must. A few of the most important are:

Using technology – like invoicing apps and your website – can help you reduce contact, too. That way, you won’t have to handle items the other person touched, keeping everyone safer.

Choosing the Area for a Home Office

Picking the right space for your home office is essential. If you want to be safety-conscious, a separate home office with its own exterior door is ideal. That way, visitors don’t have to cross through your house. Plus, you’ll be able to limit distractions and create a sense of privacy.

If selling your home soon is part of your plan, a full-fledged home office could increase your home’s appraisal value, too. Just make sure that you keep records of the improvements and take photos along the way, making it easier to justify a higher asking price.

Home Office Design for Client Visits

As you work on your home office layout, keep social distancing requirements in mind. If you make staying six feet apart simple, the odds that everyone will maintain that distance go up dramatically.

For example, make sure any visitor seating is at least six feet away from your chair. Positioning a table or desk between you and them can also help. However, if you want to ensure that clients don’t attempt to scoot the seat closer, opt for larger furniture pieces like couches instead of smaller chairs.

You can take a damaged couch you love and make it office-ready. By contacting a furniture upholstery service, you can get a sofa reupholstered for around $1,200 to $3,500, depending on the size, fabric, and other factors. Just make sure you search for “chair upholstery near me” and read company reviews before you get in contact. That way, you can find reputable businesses. Once you have a shortlist, call them to talk about your needs and request a quote.

Preparing for Video Conferences and Virtual Visits

Meeting with clients online is inherently safer than gathering in your home office. If you want to make sure your video conference calls go off without a hitch, start by investing in broadband internet and choose a hardline over a Wi-Fi connection.

When it comes to being seen clearly, use a combination of lighting approaches. Open curtains and blinds for natural light. Brighten dark spaces with desk or floor lamps. Then, add a ring light to illuminate your face.

Additionally, set up neutral but flattering background. Colors like beige and light blue can work well on camera, so either position yourself in front of a suitable wall or try a pulldown or foldable screen for a backdrop.

Bonus Tip: How to Protect Your Assets

Protecting your personal assets is essential if you’re going to operate a home-based small business. Thankfully, by using the proper business structure, you can safeguard your personal assets, ensuring company-related litigation doesn’t impact your personal life.

Often, going with an LLC is a smart choice. Along with reducing your liability, you can avoid hefty attorney fees by either filing yourself or using a formation service. Since rules regarding LLCs do vary by state, you’ll want to take a close look at local regulations before you begin. That way, you’ll handle the process correctly.