Monday, March 7, 2011

A New Dimension in Collaboration

Small Business Owners must share important documents, photographs, and graphics files in the daily grind of business operations in order to keep "doing business." If you have a small office or work from your home office, the documents you share are just as important to you, as are the documents to the Head Honcho in the high-rise downtown or in the Google Headquarters‬. Here's a simple way to stay in control of your important files. It's the Online File Folder with the Shared Folders option. When you need logo files to send to your printer or graphic designer. You've got them. When you have 100's of photographs you need to keep them handy for press or brochures designs. You can provide them. When the video files you don't want you to put on YouTube need a home. You have one. When your Office Docs for business transactions and contracts need to be saved but there when you need them. You're ready! Whatever your particular business situation, like Public Storage; you need a place to store your company files and gain access or share at a moment's notice. With an Online File folder you can store your files and have access wherever you have an Internet connection. Sharing files is secure and simple too. There are three easy ways small business owners can create Shared Folders for the items you want to share and collaborate with printers, graphic designers, website marketing companies, business partners, or whomever you invite – A New Dimension in Collaboration for under $20 dollars a year. Winning! You want the Online File Folder with the Shared Folder options to get on-the-go access to any file, transfer files with drag and drop functionality, and automatically back up mission-critical files. Head Honcho, at Oevae Marketing Consultants – the best marketing consultants in the world, ask Google @oevae