Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Brand Experience

Castle Business Solutions asked Oevae Marketing Consultants to design a full page ad for a Gala event. Castle provided a sample of their recent newsletter for reference.

We know that whatever you are trying to say must be consistent and clear if you really want to get your point across.  In fact at Oevae, we believe that there should be a rhythm to your brand- a constant.

In this case tagged #GalaAd, the full page ad (fig. 1) for the Gala event (8X10) was created by borrowing from the colors found in the Castle Business Solutions newsletter (fig. 2). This includes base color, accent color, and trim color pallet.

This project was produced on-time and within 24 hours (Friday/Monday).

We chose to highlight the services offered by Castle with a splash of colors for the "Gala" which celebrated it's 40 year anniversary, yet target the core service offers.  The Gala ad appeals to both right/left brain in a pleasant, constant format that reinforces the Castle Business Solutions branding.

The client sent the following comments:
Love It! Looking forward to a long term partnership.  We are so proud of our Ads! Thanks to you and your crew!     – Sharon

Castle Business Solutions Gala Ad 

fig. 1

Castle Business Solutions Newsletter

fig. 2

You need a solution for creative, you want to reduce the amount of time it takes to produce creative marketing communications.  You can choose to use a template or you can make sure your branding delivers the clear and creative experience for your next ad – you'll want to choose Oevae.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Evoke Brand Passion

Before you do anything this year, beyond prayer, it's important that you think back to when it "your passion" all began.  

You had this great idea of starting your own business, where you could make money and maybe even work from home?  You got all your facts and figures sorted out, then you began to think about your companies image, logo designs, and how courageous you are for jumping out on your own. 

Now, you are all-excited and pumped about a New Year and maybe making up for lost ground last year or just eager to mash the gas into the New Year.  Before you make your next move, read this article about Chef Ruben Marley, and how he evokes a passion for branding.  Then do it.

I've known Ruben Marley since the days we shared all sorts of conversations back in the 1990's when we worked together.  Even then I could see the depth of his imagination and creative design.  To me it's only natural that his ability to create a great gourmet dish is no mystery - however I must comment it is miraculous - He's always had a passion for creating stellar designs - I even have one of his first business cards - I thought to myself back then, this guy is better than good!

business card design passion
1990's Business Card | Ruben Marley

Chef Ruben | Shanghai 2012 Blulnc Event

Jump forward 20+ years and my'man Ruben Marley is dishing out delectable designs to everyone at the Shanghai 2012 Blulnc event - oh dear now look at him cook, Chef Ruben is dishing out gourmet food that looks like tiny collectibles.

"Your passion should ultimately lead to your purpose. Without knowing your purpose there is no strength. And without strength there is no passion.  And with no passion there is no performance," - Jordan Pugh, 32 Washington Redskins"

This is what branding is all about - passion.  You can see in the video that chef Ruben has passion, purpose, and performance.
business card logo for gourmet food
Turn the business card sideways - looks like gourmet food on a platter.

I digress. Think back when you started your business.  Your vision was like lasers.  Your energy forgot about about the clock.  And, whenever you opened your mouth it always led to your passion about what you believed.

Good fortune to you and always remember to Make a brand difference.™