Saturday, October 3, 2015

Content Creators Consider Great Content Controversial

By the nature of creating content, it takes much longer to create content than it does to consume it.  So if we assume that only humans can create content that is going to be valuable, then there will never be enough humans to create enough content that not even one person will consume.

Source: Are We In A Content War? 

Content. Content. Content.  
Without content, we have nothing to share, argue, or boast about.  Content marketing has many goals – mainstream media has mastered how to move consumers from one isle to the next looking for the products that move them emotionally.

Think about the last time you were on the shampoo aisle... your eyes moving up and down, left and right, in search of that "one" word or special phrase and attractively shaped packaging that has you thinking... "This one will transform my hair and even make my hairstyles look better, even though I have nappy hair." This proves that creative package design plays a key role in the product's success.

Creating Great Marketing Content
To move consumers, you must be moving.  This requires motivation, purpose, and passion.  There are 3 tasks your marketing content must do to be valuable:
  1. Create a question. 
  2. Provide an option.
  3. Deliver with impact.
We all know that "mainstream media" is really a reflection of prevailing waves of thought, influence, or activity. But, choosing the right words (ammunition) to be compelling is where the action begins.  Your content can be shocking like the power of the Shamwow towels that hold 12 times their weight in liquid and will not scratch surfaces. Or, perhaps something that "satisfies" like a Snickers candy bar which has the power to take you from a sour puss to a superhero in just one bite.

In any event, you want to win, it's often very important that you have a good plan, proven ability, and lots of training.  It's true when NFL superstar, Tom Brady says "You are the sum of your training." In the Under Armour commercial.  If you enter a battle with poor artillery, weak soldiers, and a sketch rather than a plan, chances are that you will fail.  The same is true when entering the content war. 

Why fight a losing battle with your fingers crossed? 
You have great content creators just beyond a few keystrokes of your computer keyboard.  You would be out of your mind to race at NASCAR with only a few late-night road rage rendezvous, no sponsors, and a factory-built automobile – a big waste of time, energy, and money.  

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