Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Best name to use for your business

Best name to use for your business ideas on paper

The name of your business is found in what you do best. Starting a lawn service? So are a bunch of other folks. Who cares? The best name you should use for your business has nothing to do with the other folks doing the same thing as you, that is to say, if you consider them the same as you. 

If this is true you might consider joining the other folks... take your ideas and your goals that way! If you consider that your brand is not like the other folks and you do something that you know people need but you have a twist. Read on. 

The best name you can use for your business can be really easy to find, but just because you like it, the people who read it may not. Take for example the word Oy Vey, /oi ˌvā/ is a Yiddish word used now by actors, celebrities, and most anyone who knows what the word means, and it may in fact be a part of your heritage... you use the word to replace "oh my goodness!" or "Oh no!" in general. You really wouldn't name your company that. Not unless it was the core of what you do best! Oy Vey - the word is the name of my marketing firm because our creative is just that. The word, when said describes what our clients like best about my firm. The clients say that they are overcome with our imagination and creativity... were even sometimes over-the-top and could use a chill pill. All in all the clients either really like our work or say "Oh no."

Oevae Marketing Consultants - which is pronounced like "Oy Vey Marketing Consultants" is a fun name that peeks at imagination, creativity, seriousness, and heritage (everything you want from a solid marketing firm). It is not an offensive name. It means as much as Apple is to iPod. This is the core relationship your business name should mimic in structure. Think of the movie IRON MAN. Why not GOLD MAN?  Gold is what you want to have and it has great value, right? It is if you are starting a Cash For Gold business, but not if you need protection. Then you want iron. Right?  Who would win the fight? IRON MAN or GOLD MAN and which is easier to replace. 
"When I began to talk to folks about Oevae ten years ago, I knew most of my conversations would not belong so, I had to get right to the punch line and make sure it brought them a pinch of joy." – Gibrón Williams
I'm thinking by now you are starting to understand how to name your business. And, if I'm correct, you understand that you understand why you need to think about your clients and how you will communicate how or why your brand is the best choice for them and not that of your competitors.

"Oevae" was a word that described me.  I am the core of my business.  I make the creative. Even my business card has my title as "Head Honcho."  So I call the shots.  Some are great and some are not so great. 

Whenever you need more insight or you want help marketing your business you can send your marketing questions to or please follow me @oevae on Twitter. You could also follow this blog and stop trying to be a Super Hero. I'm here because sometimes all you need is a little help. Gibron T. Williams is the Head Honcho at Oevae Marketing Consultants – Best marketing consultants in the USA - ask Google


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