Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Google developed an algorithm that explores Flash files long ago!

There's been much conversation –clients, New York Times Technology, Bloomberg, Charlie Rose– about Apple's ipad, HTML5, and Flash Websites. If your knowledge of what's been going on behind the monitor and on the Internet... Let me help you read between the lines in a good way. Here it is. A bit of truth showing-off how quickly Google can index websites designed with Adobe Flash... if and when designed and programed by the creative marketing firm Oevae Marketing Consultants, Texas

"This article will show you 2 very simple examples of how keywords are used to index your website with search engines like Google."

-Head Honcho, Oevae Marketing Consultants

Screen Shot #1 (click images to increase aspect ratio)
Here we have a Google search for the works "ka yeung crow collection"
Note the green highlight is the website we are searching for and there it is on the first page of Google.

Screen Shot #2
(click images to increase aspect ratio)
Here we have page that is indexed by Google and the page with the information the client published.
Note the News contains the keywords "ka yeung crow collection"

The destination page or Screen Shot #2 is a page that contains 80% Flash programming and is 100% SEO
friendly. Oevae Marketing Consultants offers you a way to express your products, services, and brand in very special and your way. This proves Flash can be used in artistic ways and still get noticed the Google algorithm that explores Flash websites.

Here are a few questions better answered by the G's at Google at the Official Google Webmasters Central Blog

Oevae.com – The best marketing consultants in the world offer you more imagination at the core of creative. Sometimes you just need a little help or let me know your experiences with Flash and Search Engine Optimization.

Gibron T. Williams, Head Honcho at Oevae Marketing Consultants, the best marketing consultants in the world - Ask Google.

Website design by Oevae Marketing Consultants Screen Shot #1 and Screen Shot #2 - tinkerboxstudio - ka yeung studio, Dallas Texas

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