Friday, November 12, 2010

Consultant Shares Mojo Behind Website Facelift

The popularity of creating a dot com for your business has evolved to many websites in need of a facelift. The website facelift, like the human facelift (rhytidectomy) is a procedure used to make your website look more appealing by removing old programming and design wrinkles and enhance graphics with or without losing your brand recognition.

The website facelift is the role of your marketing consultant and brand manager or creative director. It's also a good idea to run your plans by the business owner before you start tinkering around with the brands image.

"If you are the business owner, you know how important it is that your businesses image reek with honesty, credibility, value, and intrigue. When you first had your website built, much like the date you were born - everything was beautiful. But as the years have past, much has changed on the outside and the inside - the same can be true for older websites"

The website that brought you new customers just 3 years ago, may be running out of steam as new points of distribution are created and innovative technologies (Twitter, Facebook, Wordpress, Digg, orkut, befo, Netlog, Flash, iPhone apps, Android, etc.) become more mainstream - many innovations may not integrate well with your website graphics, programming language, and marketing of your current website. So, how do you get your website's mojo back?

Fig. 1 ( - Before Website Facelift)

Fig. 2 ( - Before Website Facelift)

You might need a website facelift if your website looks like or (Fig. 1 or Fig. 2). These websites were built more than 4 years ago. Though they both have great content, they both are very heavy in the text department. This text is valuable, however the way it is delivered needs to be updated and bring take advantage of some new innovations.

The steps you take can very like the wind, but there is a course of action that leads to a new website you can again be proud to own. There are 3 basic steps that business owner's can take:
  1. Look at your competition; visits websites that "you" would feel confident if they represented your companies brand, mood, and appeal.
  2. Ask the professionals to examine your website; locate a website designer and Internet marketing consultant.
  3. Make a decision; let go of what has stopped working and promote your brand.
Like the human facelife, the website facelift may have a bit of discomfort in the first few weeks as you get use to the new look of your business. Sometimes there are new technologies related to how you manage your email or how your website content is updated, but many new advancements and innovations make owning and operations of your small business more manageable than just 3 years ago.

Fig. 3 ( and combined into 1 Flash website with updated brand)

In Fig. 3, Fig. 4 and Fig. 5, you see the first screenshots from the recent re-launch of and websites after the webiste facelift. In this case, our client took our suggestion to combine 2 older websites into 1 micro website. The website facelift brought a new logo design, new programming language and a rich user experience. Like a new baby, there will be growth and enhancements in the months and years to come, but now the client has a website (business storefront) that "reeks with honesty, credibility, value, and intrigue..." – now the website is more marketable and stands out among the competition. So when the opportunity exists, the first impression appeals to visitors.

Fig. 4 (After Website Facelift with Flash animation and enhanced layout to increase visitor experience)

Fig. 5 (After Website Facelift with advanced navigation and Flash animation to free user ability browse website)

Small business owners can benefit buy using advance experience software like Adobe Flash for websites. Although Flash has not made it to the tiny screen (mobile) just yet, Google has made it clear that significant strides in the ability of Google's search engines to index Flash content. This makes Flash an even brighter solution for your website design than anytime in dot com history because Google and Adobe have a growing relationship.

Get your website mojo back with a website facelift by Oevae Marketing Consultants, "the best marketing consultants in the world" – ask Google.

Make a brand difference.

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