Thursday, September 9, 2021

Art Director Unboxed Cricut Explorer 3 Promotional Marketing Tool

The purpose of this post is to offer potential buyers a closer look into an artistic tool used to create promotional merchandise for small businesses and not so much for special crafts.

Although, those who regular Hobby Lobby and the like will still get a glimpse at the Cricut Explorer 3 and perhaps some new ideas.  This is not a video showing you how the Cricut works or giving you all the specs that are already found on the Cricut website.  Instead, you can watch this video to see the quality and what you get for your money. 

The package Cricut machine arrived in Dallas, Texas at the Oevae Marketing Consultants studio.  You'll notice the box appears to have experienced a brutal blow (gash) to the packaging.  

Let's hope the Cricut isn't shaken up too badly? 

Creating Promotional T-shirts

Most recently we've used the Cricut Explorer 3 to create promotional T-shirts with multiple colors and textured vinyl, and beverage Koozies for bachelorette and bridesmaid swag bags. 

We've learned the real strengths and creative opportunities Cricut brings to small business marketing ideas – more impressive concepts and mockups.  Ideas can be swiftly and professionally created for our clients rather than waiting weeks for proofs and approvals.

Commercial Real Estate Logo Design + Unisex Long Sleeve T-shirt (white, burnt orange, brown)

Youth Football Fan Custom + Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirt (red, white, glitter)

Family Ranch Logo Design + Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirt (gray, orange)

Girls Sweet Thirteen Hoodie Custom Glow-in-the-dark Graphic Design (plum, white, skeleton pattern)

Conclusion: If you are looking for t-shirts for a family reunion, fraternity or sorority, team, or groomsman and bridesmaids, I would not recommend purchasing the machine because you will need a good grasp of computer graphics file formats, converting image types, splitting images into parts for multiple color projects, choosing the proper blade and then there's weeding the graphics of unwanted portions. 

Your time and money would be well spent hiring a company like Oevae to create your t-shirts and other merch. So, you avoid all the steps it takes to have professional-looking promotional products, and let the professionals do everything for you in less time and hassle-free. The machine does not come with special tools that help you finish your projects.

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