Monday, August 1, 2011

How to expose your brand on Facebook.

"There are good sides to Facebook, but the media likes to report things that make people worry or things that cannot be imagined by a majority of people - That's how you get people to act." - Head Honcho, Oevae Marketing Consultants

Facebook Insights Screen Shot | Increased Brand Exposure with a 191% Comments Increase.

I heard the former database developer at Facebook, Joe Hewitt say something about many of the Facebook users were actually repeat customers – some people created Facebook accounts, then canceled sometime after using the account. A period of time passed and the same customer actually returns to the Facebook world to create a new account.

This is not really all that surprising when compared to your favorite highway or neighborhood. There will be a time when your highway to your BFF is jammed like a party at Charlie Sheen's crib. God forbid one day, what you knew as your favorite neighborhood is featured on Dateline To Catch A Predator – with what smells like a heatwave of pedophilia. Although these are facts of America, you will return again to your favorite highway and drive around the local predator's street to get to your friend's house – You don't really score any points if you run over the fool when you see him in the street anyway!

So Facebook is no different of course because it was developed by several of the smartest humans in the United States of America. However, being "human" we can rest assured that there will be mistakes. Few maybe, but it is surely inevitable. For this is the reason for planning. If we were all perfect, why would we need plans? All things would be successful. Sounds pretty boring actually. This would kill AFV (America's Funniest Videos), yet one could be perfectly rude - maybe that's comedy?

Anyway! Don't believe the hype. As a small business owner, you will have companies flocking to you, trying to get your business. There will be credit card offers, stamp machine offers, free business cards, banners, and sign companies just to name a few. After you have sorted through what hit your mailbox outside, then you have your email inbox with the same hype! I'm not talking about this stuff. I'm talking about Facebook branding.

Many companies use Facebook as a place to add large brand graphics on the Facebook wall. Sometimes these graphics will be part of a contest or news and deals like Nike Sneaker News. or Nike Skateboarding Fan Page. When you land on these pages, you instantly have the opportunity to resonate and evoke emotions with the viewer. It's the first few seconds where we have to make snap decisions. Like, when you are on the highway, you make a snap decision when you think about the exit you need to take to save time or make a snap decision when you are telling your friend how to get to the neighborhood where you live, you shout out a landmark or two or snap your fingers a few times before you remember the street they need to turn on to get to your house.

In a nutshell, Facebook for business can be a good thing if you want to increase your exposure and show people what you have, or what you can do. The media often talks about people "exposing" themselves in all the wrong ways just to get your attention.

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