Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Beyond Consumer Attraction

As a small business owner, you already know that you need sales to actually consider your business a success, and ultimately stay in business. You also know that you must communicate offers in ways that capture the consumer's attention. Something you may not know is how to prompt consumers to take the next step - nor do many small business owners - fail to take consumers beyond the typical CTA (call to action). 

"If you stand in a dark room full of people, how will you find your way around?"  Ask for help.

There are many ways to catch the attention of consumers. The key is convincing consumers to get a closer look at your brand.  This is where your marketing consultant becomes very important. Here are a few questions your marketing consultant can help you answer if you want to take consumers beyond the initial attraction:
  1. What is the appearance of your brand in the mind of consumers?
  2. What does your brand promise?
  3. How does your brand satisfy consumer needs?
  4. What is your passion as a business owner?
True, these can be some pretty tough questions, but you must know the answer to each one. Your answers will shine a light on the areas where you can promote your business in ways that prompt consumers to move beyond the attraction phase.

"If you fail to make a move, how will you make progress?" You won't.

You are a business owner, this means you will undoubtedly need to take some risks. For some, this is called an educated guess. However, if you do your homework, and answer the tough questions I mentioned earlier, the risk you take will become your roadmap. There will be wrong steps, but do not let this discourage you or freeze your momentum. Your answers are boundaries you have clearly defined to help you succeed. So, be confident and do not be fearful to make your next move after setbacks.

"Is mocking others being a copycat?" No. Mocking can lead to a favorable solution others have uncovered.

There are solutions that others have found and use to their benefit. Think for a moment - if one airline company refused to use wings on their airplanes like their competition? In other words, how would Southwest Airlines be a success without using wings like Virgin America? They wouldn't. Planes don't fly without wings. However, both companies do have subtle differences within the organization that allow each to compete successfully and remain on the list of America's Best Airlines.  The answer can be found in the company slogans.  Southwest Airlines says, "If it matters to you, it matters to us" while Virgin America says, "A Breath of Fresh Airline."  It's clear that both airlines understand what consumers desire.  Which consumer would turn down a company that concerns itself with what matters to the consumer?  Secondly, which consumer is opposed to something fresh, different, better?  

Take some time to examine the successful brands similar to your own.  You just might find a solution you can modify and motivate consumers beyond mere attraction.

Every entrepreneur, from startup to Whole Foods, knows you sometimes have to change direction.  Turn obstacles into opportunities.  At Oevae Marketing Consultants, we offer a way for small business owners to benefit from very specific ideas that some of the best marketing consultants in the world capitalize on.  Any growing business must figure out how to turn adversity into an advantage.  They can do this by determining what is good about the situation with the help of Oevae Marketing Consultants.

Make a brand difference.™

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