Thursday, September 17, 2009

How marketing research helps consumer communications.

Sometimes all you need is a little help.
There have been several opportunities aka experiences in my marketing tenure that groomed and molded me into possibly one of the best marketing consultants in the world. I believe it and Google does too. Search Google for: the best marketing consultants in the world I'm just saying. There have been many times that I've not been as well versed on a topic or two. Yes, it is true, I don't know everything despite the kudos above. These opportunities have opened the door for learning and adventure. Most of the time I will need extra research on a topic that concerns achieving the goal of my clients. So I'm not troubled when I sacrifice my personal time to get a better grip on a topic. I remember learning something about how the best lenses in the world are created by Essilor and another time how the video would mesh with a large Nikon Pro and Nikon consumer web development projects. With the computer keyboard in front of you and the world at your fingertips, one can find just about anything someone has put there for all to see, read, and hear. I won't count the ability of touch screen as this is like petting a gorilla at the zoo behind the glass. It ain't real. I have a confidential project in development with regard to smell. I'll get back to you on that at a later date. Today you can start a business and start selling or print some business cards and dish them within a week. So we already know about the abilities to find information there. 

Go to the library and research the old frontier (books). Open a book and read more in-depth about the company that trumps yours. Learn how they got there and evaluate where they are today. Visit the book store and find a magazine from another country that talks about your industry and learn how the people in that country respond to industry changes, new products, or services. Read the annual reports of Fortune 500 companies and keep watch on new companies entering the market. Find out how they communicate with consumers and make alliances with other companies and countries. Consult a professional in your industry or visit a trade show to watch how people respond to your competitors. This means if you want to open D'oh Donut Shop, then you need to know about dough, flour, sugar, and service. You need to go around to the world looking at donut brands and how consumers like to eat them. You want to make sure your donuts are not just different but special in a substantial way that people are gonna love them. 

Take this information and imagine where your company would fit. If it could fit? What would make your company special? Focus for a short time on what others cannot do and why they aren't doing it. It could be that your business model is a perfect fit. You will soon be bumping into unknown characteristics in your industry. Again we've reached a point when some of my clients have crash-landed. Recoverable, but still a crash with frustrations and anxiety about make the best choice for the big investments. An investment of time and money. Since time cannot be replaced, they come to Oevae for a little help. Because sometimes all you need is a little help. DIY marketing is not dead you know!? That's it. The more you know about your industry, from where it came, who is in it, who evolved from it, and who dissolved in it helps your ability to communicate with consumers. 

This is Gibron T. Williams, Head Honcho at Oevae Marketing Consultants and these are my opinions.

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