Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hosting, Email, and Domain Names Unite

Everybody likes convenience. No
brainer, right? Well, this is something you’ve got to remember when managing your business on the Internet. 

Like mobile phone carriers that offer you Text Messaging Plans, Data Packages, and more. The company you choose to host your company website should also be the company that provides your domain name and email accounts. I haven't run into anyone yet who would use T-Mobile as their cell phone carrier and then buy a Text Messaging plan from Apple. So why would you register your domain at Godaddy and host your website at Wix? Internet service providers unlike cell phone carriers, actually allow you to mix Internet domain registrar and web hosting with different providers. What you don’t know is there 3 very good reasons why you should start thinking ahead on how you manage your business online. 

Why bundle your Internet domain registrar and web hosting

I know the answer to this based on 20+ years of experience in helping clients do everything from creating, registering, and retrieving domain names to hosting and managing multiple email accounts. My findings will give you good reasons to pick one safe, reliable, and affordable Internet domain registrar and web hosting provider that helps you manage your online presence more efficiently –  solid reasoning to integrate Hosting, Email, and Domain which will enable you to make webmaster-like decisions when managing your business online. It's not only smart for your business it could help you from tainting your brand experience.

Let’s start with passwords 

These little jumbled letters, capital letters, lower case letters, special symbols, limited characters, and sticky phrases are sometimes remembered and most often forgotten.  Passwords can be a stinker to keep up with, to say the least. Don’t be in a hurry or have a type-o when entering your password, this will most likely get you locked out of your account for a few hours or have you dialing technical support and listening to elevator music and artificial intelligence for several of your valuable minutes. So what do you do? Create fewer passwords. Simply put: fewer passwords equal fewer headaches.

The same goes for managing your Internet domain registrar and web hosting With multiple Internet solution providers, you can bet your last dollar that each will have its own uniquely safe password scheme that you must use to create. This means having your hosting, email, email marketing, and domain name divided among different Internet domain registrar and web hosting providers (Godaddy, Wix, Squarespace, etc.). You will also have an equal number of passwords to retain. That’s bad news. So remember to use one Internet service provider that with everything you need. 

Now let’s talk about Email

You should be using business email to do just that – business. And when it comes to keeping commitments and communicating with your prospects and clients, you better make sure your email and website are properly aligned. If you don’t already know, email is one of the easiest ways for outsiders to interfere with your business operations. So you might choose to separate your hosting provider and email because you think one company offers more safety than the next which might be true? If and when you have a technical problem with your email, hosting, or domain; having the same technical support for all three keeps you from dialing three different numbers searching for the answer that fixes your problem.

If you have hosting at provider A and email accounts at provider B, each will have limited ability to track activity from beginning to end. So you are left with trying to balance who’s right and who’s almost right with who doesn’t have a clue which is normally you at The End. The thing here to remember is the benefits of learning the habits, abilities, and response time of one Internet Services provider Technical Support Team rather than spending half your day stitching together the suggestions of multiple representatives. 

Last but not least is domain names 

Your URL aka Domain Name, aka Website Address is the single most important part of your business online that keeps you in the know. No domain name. No online business. If you fail to keep up with renewal dates, some other business becomes the new you. 

When you’ve registered your domain name with a different company than your hosting provider or email provider, you have more email notifications to monitor. You have or will most likely acquire your domain name, hosting account, and email provider on different dates. Rest assured that your renewal notifications will respect these dates. This means you could miss an important email and kiss a great domain name goodbye if you miss the renewal date. Limiting your domain registrar and web hosting to one provider means you get one consistent billing system, using one credit card with a company you trust. 

My clients have come from all walks of life and made the best decisions based on the information provided to them during their startup phase. integrates your domain registration, web hosting, and email, making it easier for them to manage their online business.

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