Sunday, September 13, 2009

Build brand recognition with your email account

The rationale behind this post is so simple yet strong in the application – understand how the current email provider you are using can make or break your brand recognition. 

You may be using MSN HotMail (relaunched Hotmail as Outlook), Yahoo, Gmail, MailChimp, and the list goes on.  One thing you and my clients want is the ability to tell everybody about your business and what you can do now.  For example, let's say your name is Marc Zookerburg and you have a business by the name Fadebook your email address should be something like
Configure your email signature so your logo is present in each email you send.  This will help recipients recognize your brand and associate the topics you discuss with your small business.
When you send out a mass email to all of your friends, telling them about a new product. Sure, your friends (warm market) will recognize your name and email if you've communicated with them recently.  That's great, and to be expected.  You certainly want your friends to open your email and learn all about your product and hopefully make a purchase.  But, a time will come when you need more customers outside of your "warm market" that lead to brand advocates because they love your product and all that it stands for, so they tell everyone they know.

Align your domain name with your business email account

People you don't know about your brand, won't recognize or consider a Yahoo email address as an established brand for what you intend to offer.  So what should you do?  Make sure your web developer aligns your domain name and business email account.  Doing this will allow you to send your individual or mass email to prospects and friends using "" instead of ""  So you say, yeah that's close to a no-brainer.  I kinda already know that already.  The problem is keeping your commitment to your brand and marketing by making sure that "" is the primary email you use. It can be difficult to make a major change from your free email address to your business. And for this, there is also a fix. Just make sure your website developer configures your new email to automatically forward your old email to your old email address. 

How is brand recognition increased with email? 

Each and every time someone receives an email from you they will see your company name (brand) time after time, again and again, one after the other!  Like little children with toys, we see something and we put it away in our minds.  A simple thing. Not the rent or the mortgage. It's paramount that you capitalize on the opportunity and reinforce brand recognition. When people think of your brand and grab the keyboard or mobile phone to find your website, your email address is what they will recall... "What's that email address... I want to tell my friend about that website to see if they like it?"  You wouldn't drive a Volkswagen and buy a Ford keychain holder.  If you are sporting the wrong brand, don't worry change about attracting new customers.

This is Gibron T. Williams, Head Honcho at Oevae Marketing Consultants and these are my opinions.

Make a brand difference.™

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