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Building Brand Value Using Email

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Here's a bone.
The rational behind this post is so simple yet stealthly strong. It helps you see how the email brand you are currently using can make or break your brand recognition.

You may be using MSN HotMail, Yahoo, Gmail, SBCglobal, charther, and the list goes on. And one thing you and my clients want is the ability to tell everybody about YOU and what you can do now.

Let's brush this in the dust pan.
Your name is Lee Ring and you have a business by the name Ring-o-Matic and your email address is Say you send out a mass email too all of your friends, telling them about you new product. Sure, your friends will recognize your name and email if you've communicated with then recently. And that's great. You want your friends to open your email and learn all about your product and buy. Com'n be honest. It's not like you're telling them like you would Grandma.

Okay so listen close.
A time will come when you need customers that lead to friends because they love your product and all that stands behinde it or YOU. And you can bet most people that don't know you, won't regcognize your Yahoo email address either.

So what to do?
Make sure your webguy aligns you hosting and email account. Doing this will allow you to send your mass email to prospects and friends as So you say, yeah that's close to a no brainer. I kinda already know that. The problem is keeping the commitment and making sure that is the primary email you use. It can be difficult to make a major change from one email address to another. And for this there is also a fix. Just make sure your webguy sets your new email to automatically forward your messages to your old email address.

How is brand value increased with email?
Each and every time someone receives email from you they will see your company name time after time, again and again, one after the other, man-o-man! Like little children with toys, we see something and we put it away in our mind. The little simple things. Not the rent or the mortgage. So it's paramount that you capitalize on the opportunity with becoming an offender.
When people think of your brand and grab the keyboard to find your website your email address is the source they can turn to... "what's that email address... I want to go to that ring-o-matic website too see what that was..."

You wouldn't drive a Volkswagen and put Ford labels all over it. No. So why would you have your own company and use the email from the company next door? If you are sporting the wrong labels, don't worry change is working for you in this instance. And my professional consultant opinion - if you are already tight in this category - just stay the course and stay consistant.

This is Gibron T. Williams, Head Honcho at Oevae Marketing Consultants and these are my opinions.

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